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Hollywood Extraordinary Film Awards

Hollywood is one of the worlds most important cities in the film industry. It is the most majestic and certainly one of the more intriguing destinations over anywhere in the United States. From the walk of fame to the people from all parts of the world living in this city, Hollywood is a cultural feast and a fabulous destination for independent filmmakers everywhere.

The Hollywood Extraordinary Film Awards is an annual ceremony, with the mission to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for filmmakers to have their work awarded. Your entry fee is not just considered for an award but also for DISTRIBUTION. There are too many good films out there, and yours may be one of them, however, the award must go to only one winner. Nevertheless, your film will be considered for distribution by Global Film Sales, regardless of whether you won an award or not. If your film merits consideration for distribution, you'll receive an offer, which you may accept or not. So, your entry fee has two important ways of winning, an award, distribution offer, or both.


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